Vignettes of Natural Chaos

I find places in nature that appear chaotic: a roadside hill of dead leaves and new vines, plants falling over the side of a weathered parking lot wall, rocks and plants on the side of a mountain, each with its own set of chaotic attributes that I find fascinating.
Each piece begins with a wooden frame holding wire mesh within it. I clay the mesh - create recesses, projections and shapes so they become semi-sculptural. I use beads, cloth, mirror, and twine to embellish textures and paint it with acrylic and tempera paints.
These pieces are large, mystical; a peek into the chaotic flow of natural phenomena that contain their own unique kinds of order.
I love creating art this way because I become free from the tight control of living in our modern society. Here my work is playful, free, risky and I get to explore new worlds.

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Music by
Christopher Kaufman

Vista House 2003

Pioneer Courthouse
2.5' x 3 '

These first two are transitional pieces that helped me move from architectural illustration to nature and semi-sculptural works. Below is the most current work of Vignettes of Natural Chaos along the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.

Mystical Woodland

Traversing the wall

In Between


Mountain Currents
LaTourell Falls

Northwest Flora I


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