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Student Art Gallery

Students in Alice's classes create beautiful work. Many of their pictures are featured here and ocassionally show up in some of Alice's articles in newspapers. Alice believes her students deserve public notice for they work very hard . Stay tuned for future student art shows.

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I want more information about Alice's classes

Elizabeth's capital, age 15

Peter's column studies, adult

Hey! What's this?

Justin's Garden, age 11

Tile Design by Alina, age 10

Baluster Design, age 9


Baluster Design, age 9


Parkrose Summer Class
of 2002

Amisha's art page, age 8
Beaverton Summer Class 2002

Danika's Cyber Bubble, age 11
Beaverton Summer Class 2002

PSU Math Artistry I
Winter Class,2003


PSU Math Artistry II
Greek Architecture
Spring, 2003