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Thank you very much for the beautiful copy of your book When Buildings Speak. I really enjoyed your story of "lurking" around the perimeter of Mahonia Hall. I am glad you got your pictures taken and this wonderful book produced.

John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., Governor of Oregon, Salem, OR


This book is a delightful mixture of beautiful artwork, well edited and written historical facts, fanciful story, and compelling insight. It's rare to find such rich texture in something so easy and fun to read! The author's voice comes through clearly, and it's a voice that seems passionate about what she does. Her love for her art and for the buildings she draws really comes through. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in beautiful art, historical architecture, Oregon history, or in a fun, enjoyable read.

Alexandria Pallas, Writer, Portland, OR

I'm glad to see that this book is giving attention to some of the lesser known historical buildings.

Your drawings are lovely. There is no better way to know and appreciate the wonderful intracacies and pleasures of a house than to draw every nuance.I really find that there is an enormous appreciation for these old buildings. This can't help but help in preserving them and doing it well!

William J. Hawkins III, Architect, Author of Classic Houses of Portland, Portland, OR

I keep looking over your illustrations and those houses are talking to me too. The drawings are spellbinding; they actually brought chills. Not only are the pictures breathtaking, but your writing is very moving and beautifully written. You have a real winner here.

Anna Filameno, Writer, New York

An elegant presentation.

What a pleasure to see the imaginative selection of buildings. I've always loved the Coast Guard station at Garibaldi and thought it had been slighted by previous authors and artists. Also I was immensely pleased to see the Moyer house given its due.

Wallace Kay Huntington, Landscape Architect, Author, Portland, OR

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