Did you know that at one time glass was as valuable as gold? For example, the ancient Egyptians covered their windows with animal hides and cloth, not glass, because they considered glass equal in rank to gold and other precious metals.

But the real story begins in Rome, where glass blowers were so highly revered they were placed in a special class all of their own; and their glass wares were considered more valuable than gold or silver. As a result, Roman glass makers grew quite wealthy, and Roman government began to heavily tax their glass wares.

In places like Byzantium and Venice, glass makers were held in such high esteem that they received highly privileged treatment. Unfortunately glass makers were also prohibited from leaving their own quarters, supposedly to keep them free from the corruption of everyday life. This trend became so fanatical that many glass makers were forbidden to leave their countries under penalty of death.

Except from
"Stained Glass - As good as gold
but what do I do with it?"

by Alice Cotton

(the article goes on to explain glass making history in Europe and America and then ends with some tips on how to restore and maintain old stained glass)

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written for the Hollywood Star
January 2002

illustration of original Povey church glass by
Alice Cotton