Remodeling an old house isn't for wimps

excerpt from the Hollywood Star
by Alice Cotton

Remodeling a house can be both pleasureable and challenging as demonstrated by the hundreds of stories we hear and see on television home shows, on the pages of home remodeling magazines and preservation organization newsletters, and during casual talks with neighbors, family and friends.

Many of these stories involve the remodeling and rennovation of an older home, which can be quite an adventure because you often have to deal with the atastes and economic decions of previous owners and earlier times. Ken and Susie Lomax know all about sunc challenges. They have nearly 30 years of experience working on their older Northeast Portland home.

(Alice continues with several stories about the creative solutions the Lomaxes used in dealing with their 1924 bungalow)

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Article written for
the Hollywood Star
June, 2003

Illustration by Alice Cotton