St. Johns bridge lancet arches

Classical Ionic column and entablature


Except from
St Johns Mystery Solved!

-an investigation of St. Johns architecture
by Alice Cotton

"I drove across St. Johns bridge traveling from the west. Giant lancet arches stare down at me. They are reminiscent of their medieval origins and I am sure there is a quaint Gothic village waiting for me on the other side. I arrive and first thing I see is a small Greek temple complete with all the classical trimmings. It is elegant, but it is not Gothic. I look around expecting to see any semblance of Gothic Revival architecture, but there is no sign of it anywhere.

Disappointed, but undaunted, I head for the St. Johns library in hopes of finding some answers. When I arrive, I am shocked to see a pair of classical Ionic columns guarding the library entrance. Dizzy with confusion, I spin around into the face of the Classical Roman arches of James John school across the street. Lots of Classical decoration and not one shred of Gothic Revival architecture anywhere to be seen .

Something wasn’t right in the city of St. Johns and I aimed to find out what it was. "

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written for the In and About newspaper
July, 2004

illustrations by
Alice Cotton