Exterior decorative
ornaments such as this
gable finial can add
a lot to a home


Except from
"It's the little things that count - Using architectural salvage items to beautifu, restore or renovate your home"

by Alice Cotton

Aside from the fact that architectural salvage items can help restore the historical value of your home, these items can also inspire a variety of new design ideas. The problem lies in knowing whether an item is worthy of purchase. If you find what seems to be the perfect item for your project, always ask yourself: Is the piece structurally sound? There are times when old and rusty, cracked and paint-flaked can be charming pieces, but there are some important things to keep in mind.

(the article goes on to explain list popular salvage items with tips on how to select worthy items.)

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written for the Hollywood Star
February, 2003

illustration by
Alice Cotton