The Bauer family

In the photograph, Jim and
Tom are working in the front
and Katie and Katherine
are working in the back.

Hollywood Theatre class of 2002

Top: Dad, Jim's, capital, made with
delicate pencil work where
he uses a variety of scroll-like ornament
and floral detailing at the neck.
He has sprials, a palmette
and interlocking circles at the top.

He has chosen fluted columns
for the shaft of the column.

Middle: Son, Tom's, capital is really
silver and shiney which did not show
in the scanned photograph.

Tom's shaft is not fluted.
Instead he chose a floral design for the
smooth shaft.
He uses interlocking circles
at the neck and images of people.
At the top he adeptly
draws patterns of Greek fretwork.

Bottom: Daughter, Katie's, capital.
Here Kathie showcases her
interlocking circles at the top
with stars in the middle, vivid colors,
fluted columns and a dentil
design under the capital.

Mom, Katharine's capital,
not present for she
was absent the day
we made the Greek columns.

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