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One day, at Gilbert Elementary School,
four 3rd grade classes designed
and colored many beautiful balusters.

They learned that a long time ago in Italy
artisans made bulbous-shaped vases and
containers inspired by flower buds
and the flower of the pomegranate tree.

The Italians also made bulbous-shaped balusters
which are the posts beneath
the banisters of porches, stairways, and
windows to keep peopole from falling.
You can also find balusters at
the tops of roofs, and
across Portland's Burnside Bridge.

The 3rd grade students each drafted and
designed their own unique-looking baluster
and then put it on display
with all the other balusters.

The next day the 3rd graders went on a
tour of the Portland Bridges and saw the
Burnside Bridge balusters for themselves.

May, 2002

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