The Star, July 2001, page 12

Hollywood Theatre Celebrates 75 Years with an Evening Devoted to Historic Architecture

By Nancy Woods

On July 19, the Hollywood Theatre will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a behind-the-scenes look at the preservation of historical architecture. There is no charge for the event, which will begin at 7:30 p.m. with a presentation by author and illustrator Alice Cotton. She will give a slide show based on the drawings from her book When Buildings Speak: Stories Told by Oregon's Historical Architecture. After Cotton's presentation, a group of panelists will discuss some of the major historical projects in Oregon and answer questions.

Author and illustrator Alice Cotton will be the featured speaker at the Hollywood Theatre’s 75th anniversary.

Mike Matthews from the Oregon Historical Society will discuss the Bybee-Howell House on Sauvie Island, a Greek Revival-style home built in 1856.

Cathy Galbraith, from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation, an organization dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings, will answer questions about renovation projects.

Virginia Miller, owner of the Canby Barlow House, will tell how she single-handedly brought this mansion back to its original state.

Tim Hills, historian for McMenamins, will discuss the philosophy behind this local company and its entrepreneurial preservation work.

David Pinyerd, president of the Historic Preservation League of Oregon, will discuss that organization's work.

Richard Beer, director of the Hollywood Theatre Project, will talk about the renovation work being done at the theater and his reasons for taking on such a monumental project.

Cotton will also discuss the Hollywood Theatre, a Spanish baroque building built at a time when Portland audiences were applauding the arrival of live theater and first-run silent films. In her book, Cotton describes the theater as one that “provided backstage dressing rooms that bristled with actors, comedians, musicians and dancers. Its hallways were permeated with the smell of nerve-calming liqueurs, flowers and perfume. You could hear trumpets and violins tuning up for the show and watch with anticipation as the pianist rushed in with a fistful of music while the master of ceremonies announced the silent movie presentation of the evening.”

“The face and detailing of this building fully describe its past life as a vaudeville and movie palace. Its detailing is dramatic and full of surprises. It shows what is possible when one is driven by passion and talent. Its colorful organization and whimsical features beckon us to buy a ticket and go inside.”

The July 19 celebration will take place at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 N.E. Sandy Blvd. There is no charge. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. with seating at 7 p.m. Alice Cotton will also hold a slide show/book signing at Barnes 6~ Noble, 1231 N.E. Broadway on July 14, beginning at 6 p.m. Cotton's book is available at bookstores or by calling (503) 254-3173.

*please note that Dick Matthews was erroneously named as "Mike Matthews" in this article*