Artemis Creations

For Home and Garden
These pieces are each original, made with clay and acrylic. These intriguing original creations are made with the home designer in mind. Pieces can be hung on fences, on your house, placed next to plants and pottery, strung from trees or shrubs or stuck in the ground like a lollipop.These pieces are meant to illicit the imagination and bring a touch of fantasy to your home and garden.

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Red Dragon
round, 5: diameter

Greek Sphinx
round, 10 inch diameter

Eye of Horus
round, 5 inch diameter

Full Moon
round, 15 inch diameter

Sun Face
2 foot square

Lollipops and Moondrops
for your garden

Wish for Peace

Ancient Sun Face


Sun Face in Wood

Green Dragon

5 " diameter



my brother 30 years ago

Dream Often

For Alex