Advertising & Business Art Gallery

What Alice does for her book, she can do for your business or advertising agency. She can also create professional, eye-catching logos. Explore her advertising and business art portfolio to see what she has done for businesses around the country.

Visit Alice's Home Portraits for residential architectural art samples.
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brochure, McMenamins

CD cover, Boka Marimba

ad art, McMenamins

brochure, Wilsonville HS

ad art, McMenamins

menu, Marshall House

ad art, McMenamins

business art, Bonneville

ad art, Toy Bear, LTD

real estate art

business logo, Johnsen Dentistry

business art, Kennedy School

ad art, McMenamins

ad art, McMenamins

logo, Century Garden B&B

Hasson Company, ad art

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