Stories in the land where musical characters are alive
and having adventures!

List of Sound City books:

Musical Tales (upcoming in a few months)
- Largo and the Lost Key- a half rest goes looking for his lost house key, Aria in some of the most unusual places.
- Allegro and the Spring Concert- an eighth note gets ready and almost misses his musical moment at the Haronious Spring Concert.
- Hilo's Birthday-A surpirse and a wild dance await Hilo in this story about friendship.

Visit Bongo Drum Park, the Key to the City's office, the Key Convention in the Clarinet Building, the portal into Sound City, the magic words to open it and, of course, much more.

Wrong Notes (published)
- Did you know that mistakes are actually your friends. When you practice and perform read this collection of famous quotes put together and illustrated by music teachers, Mary Kogen and Alice Cotton .

The Detective Reed Mysteries (upcoming in spring)
- Book One: The Case of the Flying Note - Sara is wr1iting music when a note flies off the page. Detective Reed is called on to find it..Reed follows Sara's fleeing note into the skies and throughout the forests of Sound City. He follows it inside the tubes and .along the keys of musical instruments. And finally into the roots of the famous singing flowers before he can finally bring it home.

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