Top sister:

Alexandria Weinbrecht, the Web Master

Then: Loved to ride on her big sister, Alice

Now: Ph.D. candidate and M. A. from Princeton University, B.A. from Columbia, in Religion and Philosophy; creative writing program at Columbia; editor/ owner, Blue Quill Editorial Services; race walker; loves her poodle, her many birds, and her Mac.

Spouse: John T., M.B.A., senior executive human resources/training/organizational development professional; loves his poodle; All American swimming champ (placed second in Nationals, Masters, 1988).

Bottom sister:

Alice Cotton, the Artiste

Loved to tease her little sister, Alex

Now: B.S. from Portland State University in Education; fifth-grade teacher 8 years; model airplane builder & competitor, expert level; professional musician (guitar & vocal teacher of creative mathematics);

Spouse: David G. Royer, professional musician 37 years (drums); college network administrator; model airplane builder & competitor; loves opera, reading, and watching science fiction movies.

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