Energy of the World
A home school education workshop
for preteens and their families to experience the scientific and
technological creations of our present and future worlds.

I. Wind Energy
...a. Field Trip to Goldendale Wind Farm along the Columbia River
It took 2 hours to drive there but we had fun.

...b. Making our own wind farm at home.

I started with the wind generator kit made by Pitsco. An energy workshop
student used this template for her wind blades which worked well.
I made the hubs out of thin plywood and getting the center hole perfect was almost impossible using my tools. So
they did not spin fast enough to generate electricity. They had a wobble from not being centered perfectly
so may have to revisit the hub idea in the future when we do these again. The rest was easy to
make using cedar wood blanks and plywood square dowels that I bought from Home Depot
(any kind of wood will work including wood scraps).

2. Mag Lev Trains (magnetic levatation trains).
Chinese mag lev train Chinese/Shanghai mag lev train
Japanese mag lev train Japanese mag lev
German mag lev train German mag lev

...b. Magnetic Art

c. Magnetic Experiments

...d. Mag lev models

How to solder which we did for our elecric train models.

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